Fremont Commercial Landscape Management

Fremont Commercial Landscape Maintenance

Elite Lawn & Landscape has been providing complete landscape management and lawn care solutions for commercial businesses in the Fremont area for over 20 years. Whether it's a small renovation project, a lawn maintenance program, or new construction landscaping involving an entire property, Elite Lawn & Landscape can handle all your landscape needs.

Our full-service capabilities include complete landscape and hardscape installation and management, lawn care, tree/shrub care, irrigation, industrial and aquatic vegetation control, and more. We have the experience, equipment, knowledge, and professional solutions needed to make your property truly stand out.

Fremont's #1 Source for Commercial Landscape Maintenance

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Your landscape is a large, living investment and when properly managed, it contributes value and beauty to your property. Whatever your top priorities may be for your homeowners' association, commercial or institutional property, Elite Lawn & Landscape can be an active partner in achieving them. Through every season, Elite brings the experience needed to increase the value of your landscape. We deliver creative, cost-effective solutions for all your needs, as well as maintain the staff and equipment needed to keep your projects on schedule - whatever the weather may be.

From weekly maintenance to complete landscape renovations, you'll discover that Elite Lawn & Landscape Inc. executes every task neatly, efficiently, and with minimum disruption to you, your clients or your property. Whether your top priority is improving the appearance of your business or pest management, you'll be very comfortable with our ability to meet every need with expert professional solutions. With Elite Lawn & Landscape Inc., you'll have an active and interested partner in grounds management. Working together, we can produce award-winning results that respect your goals and your budget, successfully improve your landscape and bottom line, and ensure your complete satisfaction.

Improving your landscape through managed care:

  • Complete landscape design, construction and installation
  • Tree and shrub removals and moving
  • Maintenance of seasonal floral displays
  • Planting bed and ornamental maintenance, including clean-up, mulching and weed control
  • Horticultural pruning of trees and shrubs
  • Complete, scheduled mowing services
  • Complete landscape maintenance
  • Fertilization and pest management for trees and ornamentals
  • Annual lawn fertilization and pest management
  • Winter services, including ice and snow removal
  • Maintenance and adjustments of irrigation systems
  • Commercial vegetation control
  • Aquatic vegetation and algae control

Landscape Irrigation & Sprinkler Systems

Automatic sprinkler systems are not only the ideal solution for providing the correct amount of hydration for your landscape, but they also help you reduce water usage. Modern sprinkler systems come equipped with a comprehensive sensor that can detect weather patterns and soil moisture in order to determine when your landscape needs watering. At Elite Lawn and Landscape, we provide minimally invasive and affordable irrigation and automatic sprinkler system installations, repairs, and maintenance for any size property. Let us handle your irrigation system maintenance and rest easy knowing you're prepared for every season!

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Expert Knowledge & Planning

Beautifying and maintaining your landscape is what we're good at. We know when to prep, plant, treat, and maintain so that your landscape and vegetation look exceptional year-round.

On Time & Within Budget

Our estimating systems and decades of experience allow us to accurately determine how many crew members and hours are needed to efficiently maintain your property.

Your Trusted Partner

We'll monitor the long-term health and condition of your lawn, inspect the turf extensively, analyze the soil, look for weed or insect problems, and determine potential landscape improvements - all while focusing on cost-effective solutions to protect and enhance your investment. We're committed to providing our clients the very best service available and go above and beyond to make sure your landscaping needs are being met.

Contact Elite Lawn & Landscape today to schedule a free, no-obligation landscape consultation to discuss your needs.